Hidden Treasure

Not a very exciting day today.  Pretty much I went through some clothing to pack.  I found some space bag under the bed with my NY work clothing it… I forgot about those. New Yorkers definitely dress different for work than Cali people.  😦

I should probably freecycle all of those anyways, they are sooo 2008… haha!

My neighbors are moving out tomorrow.  They are going to Chicago, but they are flying and their sweet giant sheepdog is going via cargo.  Poor baby.

hmm now for what picture to keep all you visual type people entertained… I didn’t take any today…

what we hope to see on our cross country drive… (this was spotted on our drive from NJ to VA when we went to pick up Sophie 🙂  )

Things we will miss

Before we leave we are trying to get in some of our fav spots one last time.

Today we are having some chronic taco. They make awesome fish tacos and burritos.., yum!





Planning planning planning planning…..

I finally organized the food network places along our route. Each state has its own word doc with a list of places to choose from. Now I have to look up each of these places to abd compare websites/ yelp reviews. Yes. I am a rebel.
Ian is in charge of picking out hotels and then runs them by me for the ok. Not an easy task.
We are also picking out activities in each location.
Our amazon deliveries have also picked up. I’m constantly thinking of things we will need. A perk of this is the extra boxes and packing bubbles! Our apt is starting to look like a recycling center but whatever.. Free boxes! Ha.


Thnx Cali, it’s been fun

1 month until our big move… We still have lots of planning ahead.
We have to somehow pack up our apartment. We have a bunch of piles… Stuff to toss, stuff to freecycle, stuff to sell, stuff to go into our nj storage, stuff to go to our Hoboken condo, stuff to take in the car, stuff to go to Marlboro… Ugh.
Ian picked up some boxes so we can begin boxing the stuff. I can’t wait for this to be over with, I hate packing.
Sophie seems to be a little suspicious of the boxes.. I think she remembers.
Trip planning is still going on. 17 nights cross country is a big deal. I’m in charge of restaurant planning. The food network has a neat map in using. I didn’t realize how many paces Guy has been.