Day 6

Day 6. Now it really feels like we are far away from Cali.
On phone still. Was too exhausted to use the little wifi I did find. I’m thinking I’ll just keep posting after the drive with more detailed and nicer pics. 🙂
For day 6 we all slept in, everyone was exhausted after 10 hrs on the road. We kept the day reserved for enjoying Santa fe. After we were all up and ready we walked to Tia sophia, a lunch spot I had researched and selected for the day. On the way there we walked through the town center where a bunch of local native Americans set up rows of blankets to sell the jewelry the made themselves, lots of beautiful turquoise pieces and hammered copper. We bumped into some nice local who said he also had a welshie.
We each ordered huevos rancheros and coffee. They didn’t have an outdoor area so we got it to go and ate it on the patio tables on the hotel porch. The weather was perfect, dry and warm, but not too hot, so it was a very enjoyable experience. Afterwards we dropped Sophie off in the room because it was time for us to explore some art galleries. Santa fe is littered with galleries so they were easy to find. We also picked up a chocolate treat from senior murphy’s.
We sampled some round chocolate that was amazing, a chocolate cup filled with pinot… Like pine nuts local to the area, and chocolate bark with pistacio and chile.., very tasty and leaves a spiced aftertaste in the back of your mouth
Later that night we took Sophie to the tuneup cafe. I was very excited to go there because I saw it on diners, drive ins and dives and looked really good. The place did not disappoint. We shared a guacamole and homemade chips appetizer and Ian got a cup of beef soup… Served in a real coffee cup. For the main meal we shared the chicken mole( amazing!) and topped with a fried banana, and some tamale plate, also very good. My favorite was the fruit cobbler dessert topped with vanilla bean ice cream. It was filled with peaches and cherries, yum!








Day 5

It looks like I’ll get wifi today! I’ll make another post for pictures from the camera since I’m so far behind. It will be interesting to see how many pics we took so far. But using phone app for now.
Day 5 was a long long day. We had to drive from flagstaff, where we overnighted after visiting the Grand Canyon, to Santa Fe. A 6 hr drive, but more like 9 with a baby and dog.
We did make a stop at meteor crater along the way. Sophie wasn’t allowed on so me and Ian had to take turns going in. Ian went in first because he was the most excited to be there while I hung out at the car with Gobo and Sophie. We alternated between all doors wide open and a/c. That place was HOT. There were some occasional breezes, but it was hot!
After Ian was done me and Gobo went in. There were different paths around the crater where you could climb stairs further in or high above. Good thing I had the baby in the ergo, a stroller would have been impossible. Inside they had some museum type thing that was dark, Gobo was amazed.
The drive was really interesting and we learned a lot. We found out and saw from the road one if New Mexicos volcanoes! The fields along the drive were filled with these giant lava chunks. We weren’t expecting to see that.
We arrived in Santa Fe 30 minutes before our dinner reservations at The Shed. We checked into the hotel and got our stuff into the room. That was a process because we could only take the cart so far and had to walk everything up stairs. The room was awesome and even had a living room with fireplace. Sophie likes the couch in there.
Driving through the town we passed the restaurant and I peeked I the door. There was a courtyard with tables, so I called to see if they allowed dogs on that, and they did! That was a nice surprise to be able to take Sophie, she lucked out.
The place was awesome, lights in trees around the umbrella tables, and live music!
Having it around the corner from where we were staying was a bonus too.
Gumball 3000 was in town and even after dinner the area was packed. It was a good crowd and everyone was very friendly. Sophie said hi to lots of other doggies and we had lots of “is that a Airedale puppy?” questions. She needs a bandana that reads”welsh terrier not Airedale”.
I never heard of gumball before and had to do a quick google because from what I saw it was awesome and really popular. Google it too if you don’t know for more details, but basically all these rich famous people drive their fun cars in a race across the country.
Santa Fe is going to be fun.
























Day 4

No wifi! Still on phone…Ugh! Next stop better have it, I want to upload pics…
Day 4 we left Sedona and drove to the grand canyon. I was surprised to see so many big trees along the drive. I dunno why but I had always pictured vast amounts of sand.
We arrived at the grand canyon around noon, exactly when they say not to be outside. First task was to buy water… Ha! That was a joke. If you ever want a water bottle at the grand canyon bring your own. They only sell soda and Gatorade. Luckily we still had just enough for Sophie. We walked over to the south rim and enjoyed the views… Sophie enjoyed watching a chipmunk, and Gobo enjoyed his banana toothbrush. We then went over to the marketplace to grab lunch. The counter food looked gross so we picked up some peanut butter and bread. It was actually perfect and didn’t make us feel heavy like the fried stuff they were trying to sell would. We were also able to buy a jug of water which I used to fill up our Klean kanteens.
Afterwards we drove over to some other lookout points. These were much better and didn’t have the crazy parking lots like the first stop. I also spotted a baby bird.. Eagle?ospray? I gotta look that up, I’m not that good with birds. It was all along atop a giant rock sticking up. The canon has pics of it I’ll eventually get those uploaded.
It was definitely worth the trip over there, very cool.



That was some bird( not the baby) curious about all our picture taking and wanted his pic taken too. 🙂

Day 3

Again on phone, wasn’t able to get wifi last night. :(. Maybe next hotel.
Also right now day 4, but writing about yesterday.

Yesterday we were at Sedona!
This has got to be one of the most beautiful areas of the country. We stayed put here and really enjoyed the area. I took some amazing shots with the camera so eventually I’ll get to upload them. Next trip I’m totally getting a wireless card. I’m kicking myself for not doing that.
We had some awesome views from the hotel.
We had breakfast at the hotel and headed over to cathedral rock and did some light hiking. Light being a joke when you go hiking with a dog and a baby. This was our first hike with both of them so definitely overpacked. I did realize I need to pick up a lens case that has a strap so we don’t have I take the whole camera bag. I wanted to take some shots with my nifty fifty so we had way too much extra baggage with us. I wore gobo in the ergo with a light backpack and Ian had Sophie’s leash and the camera backpack.
Ian caught a pick of me trying to get a cool shot while juggling everything. Yup skills, lol!20120528-114931.jpg

After the hike we went into town and had lunch at hideaway restaurant. Another yelp find. We both shared a vegetarian antipasti salad which came with garlic cheese bread. It was no Margaritas garlic bread w mutz, but was still pretty good, perfect for after an exhausting day. The place had an outdoor patio so we were able to take Sophie with us.




We hung out at the hotel after and then last that night went into town for dinner. We deviated from my food itinerary and went to a tourist trap place. Note to self: stick to itinerary! At lease gobo had fun with his Elmo place mats I picked up for the trip, and we sampled some cactus fries! Everything fried tastes good. It was fried cactus stops with spicy sauce made from its nectar. Pretty good.
We are on the road now, and it’s a pretty winding road, so I’ll finish up at our next stop. Hopefully with hotel wifi.






Day 2

Still on phone. Going to try to hop on wifi later. I titled this day 2 but it’s currently day 3… I just didn’t post last night 😉
We were in Scottsdale AZ yesterday. I loved it!! Not as a vacation spot, which it is, but if I were to move again! Look at us planning our next move while in the middle of this one. We gotta get family to move with us. That’s our new rule. No moving without other fam.
The hotel was great. Firesky resort. Perfect for us, very dog and kid friendly. We slept in until 10:30, even the baby slept! We were all exhausted. Luckily the hotel had a food service table area by the lobby/ pools so got to eat with Sophie.

I’m absolutely in love with the area, warm dessert air and warm at night! Newport got really cold at night. Other bonus is that they have in-n-outs, Cracker barrels, dunkin donughts and waffle houses!! It’s like all the best of the country in one city! I could totally live here…

The drive to our current spot went perfect, no crying from anyone! Took really cool pics I’ll post later.

Moving day part 2

Still on my phone, no wifi yet.
I do not recommend getting only 1 hr of sleep on moving day! Not fun.
The box was supposed to be picked up at 8 am so we went to bed at 6 and woke up at 7. Luckily it was late. After we woke we still had to load up the car. Turned out we gad way too much for the car and since the box was still there we were able to put anything that fit into the car into that.
Things that did not make cut and we won’t see( hopefully) until NJ:
Doggy shampoo- it was a giant bottle… If we need to bath Sophie we will just buy( you wouldn’t believe how many petcos and petsmart signs we saw on the road)
Bottles/pump- Gobo will have to eat from source. If we need we will buy.
Giant container of formula- same deal
Some more random clothing
Ian’s cowboy hat- LOL! Long story.
And some other random things.
Once we left we went to the pacific one last time. Just drove through corona del mar. On our way back we saw the truck pulling into our apartment complex. Finally at 2 p. So we were able to watch!

I’m really happy how the first drive went. We had a few crying moments, but not a peep from Sophie. We decided to start with the doggy seat belt and we will see how she gets and then switch to her crate if its too much for her.


She was really nervous and fell asleep on some bags. After our first stop she was so so happy! And when we arrived at the hotel she explored the room and was in the best welshie mood. She loved the adventure.
Last night we met up with some Newport beach friends! They happened to be in town, very cool!
I didn’t take hotel pics yet, next post. I can’t wait for internet, after the trip I’ll have to go back and post even more pics.






Moving day!

Moving day! Packrat got delivered yesterday and the guys showed up on time. It was only 2 of them even though we asked for 3 but oh well. It probably took a little longer to load up the box that way.
I am so exhausted from yesterday. On on my phone to bear with me. Actually you’ll notice a lot of phone updates from now on. I’ll try to get onto my computer when I find some service.
We did not get to bed until 6 am, and it is now 8:27 am and we ate back up doing some finishing touches.
Poor Sophie was crated during the bulk of the move. She is not a happy camper. We keep telling her she’s going on a big car ride.
Jared is taking out his stress by not sleeping and wanting to eat non stop. He was up from 2-4 am with us. I even pulled out his new glowing sea horse toy for the car and he wasn’t falling for it.
Here is the box getting delivered-

And what it looks like now-


Ah! Unloading will be so much fun.
Now to load up the car… That should be fun too. Biggest puzzle ever.
At some point today we will start our drive. Update later.

Almost time

It’s getting really close to our move. Packrat container gets delivered TOMORROW! OMG! It looks like its going to be a real late night packing tonight. Local guys should be coming around 2p tomorrow to move our stuff into the box. I still have a closet that is untouched from packing!

I did something yesterday I never dreamed I would do. I donated my freezer stash of milk. I know…. I KNOW! I can list the vast comments going on across the web about this. Believe me, I thought of all of them. But, after you think about it for a while, you realize it is actually a really beautiful thing.

A little adopted baby girl who doesn’t handle formula well and thrives only on breast milk now gets all the same health benefits my baby got. 🙂

I’ll have to start a new stash in NJ, but this was a much better option than throwing it out and/or dealing with the craziness of trying to ship it. Shout out to Eats on Feets! I didn’t know this organization even existed and I might continue to make some donations in New Jersey.

Since we are on the food topic, here is a fun fortune cookie fortune I got this week! How appropriate!

Thnks fr th Mmrs

Last Saturday in Newport Beach.  It has been one busy week, and I slacked a bit on the blog.  I’ll try to be better… try 🙂

We had car #1 picked up by the shippers.  This car had to be shipped… no way we were going to attempt our 16 day adventure cross country with a baby and dog in a two door with no middle back seat.  That would have been asking for craziness.  Bye Bye car, hope to see you in New Jersey!

The apartment is getting filled up with boxes.  We are still trying to sell some of our furniture, hopefully we do sell it and its sooner than later because we really need the floor space for boxes.  

I’ve been procrastinating packing the outdoor stuff.  We sold our patio set so at least we won’t have to pack that up.  One thing I must take are my garden frogs.  I’m going to make room for these guys on our Hoboken Balcony. Hopefully next to some tomato and basil plants.  Gotta have fresh tomato and basil for the yummy mutz.  Flowers will be figured out later on.  We have our priorities. 😉

Doesn’t seem like we are going to make it to the Huntington Library Gardens… boo. 😦

We totally slacked on packing so there is no way.  Maybe next trip out here.  We are now going to be one of those who have vacation in Newport Beach, no more being locals.  But at least now we will be Hoboken and NYC locals 🙂

I’ve been getting excited about taking the path into the city with Gobo.  I am really missing the meatpacking district and chelsea market.  I’m also getting tired of driving and can’t wait to go back to walking everywhere.  Good think I’m getting tired of driving before we start a 16 day road trip. I’m guessing I’ll be whining on here about being in a car by… oh… 2 hours into the drive. Ha!

Ritz Laguna Niguel… Check!

Today was a pretty interesting day. Started of with the usual packing, which led into mass freecycle give aways. However, I loved how it ended.

We got to check visiting one last time to the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel off our list. We love that place. It has such a beautiful park off the ocean with lots of walking paths. We also like to crash their amenities and I get to feed Gobo inside on comfy couches. They have a lots of fun lounges inside, and it gives off a fancy cruise ship vibe.

Today we picked up dinner at In-N-Out burger and brought it to the Ritz… only the best at the Ritz 😉

I took the camera with me today and captured lots of fun pics.

This is the Ritz from the walking paths. Isn’t it beautiful?!? Maybe one day we will come back to visit and stay here…

some more walking paths


Ian and Gobo enjoying the moment… Gobo was having a blast watching the ocean. We love these chairs… super comfy!

We will go back to reality tomorrow and pack some more… sigh.