Still in shock that I have only around 3 weeks left in Cali! It is so weird how soon we will be back in NJ and Cali will seem like some long dream.

I decided to share a pic I took at Corona del Mar Beach in Newport Beach California.  Somehow some artist got permission/ was able to build a statue of some sea lions on a rock off the beach.  They really have seals and sea lions hanging out on the rocks, and some days the statue kinda blends in.  The day I took the picture I didn’t see any live ones but got a clear shot of these 2.  I need to get more pictures of Cali before we move.  I’m so used to everything here and cannot wait to take more urban pictures, so it has been a challenge finding inspiration with the nature shots.  I’m also looking forward to our road trip. That’s actually what I have to do tomorrow (erm, today.. my computer says its 1:03am.. notice a trend with my postings? ha!).  Note to self- clear camera images on cards to make room for more fun pictures.

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