What a surprise, we did more paper sorting! I can’t believe how much paper can build up over 3 years. Good thing for the scanner.

I kinda slacked with the research today… but it’s still early, its only 12:40am… we are making some last leg adjustments so some plans are going out the window.. nothing final just yet… but the trip is still 17 days.. aah!

I did sneak out to get a picture of the super moon. I admit it was bright, when I walked out on the patio I could see the light from behind the building… but it wasn’t as big as I expected. I walked around to the path area to get a clear shot. Its my first real moon shot, I’m proud it actually came out šŸ˜‰

Now that I know how to photograph the moon, knowing me, I’ll probably start getting obsessed with it. I’m already looking at our itinerary to see where along our drive I could look out for cool shots of the moon…

It was more complicated than I expected… did you know that the moon moves relatively fast so you should use a higher shutter speed? I looked up tips before I attempted it, and it was true. So now that’s my new fun fact. I’ll probably start telling people that during times of awkward silence…

Tomorrow we will make more of an effort to cross some things off out must do before we move list. Hopefully there will be bananas involved… šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Super

  1. Paper reproduces overnight! I’m looking at stacks and stacks here, at the conclusion of the semester. I’m going to try to do some scanning this summer, using the flatbed I have at work and not investing in anything else quite yet. Aargh!

    Love your moon photo! Can’t wait to see you in the next few weeks.

    -Paula J.

  2. I think your right about paper reproducing! Its a constant battle here. I also have to shred everything after I’m all done scanning. Our shredder is getting a little old and jams if we put too many papers through at once, so that’s going to be fun…
    Looking forward to seeing you too! šŸ™‚

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