Holy tower of boxes!

Today was a real packing day. Realization hit that in two weeks we will be well into our drive. We are definitely complicating things by having to pack for three locations… Hoboken, storage unit, and my parents house where we will be crashing. We are planning on doing some major painting and renovating in our Hoboken condo, so we didn’t want Gobo ( I’ve renamed ds to this, I’m not 100% on it yet, but I’ll go with it for now) inhaling all the paint fumes.
This means that Sophie will be living with Abby the Airedale terrier for a while too… Yea. Should be interesting and will probably mean lots of taking turns with crate time.
We also sold our patio set to the new renters. I love that set, but it’s for the better.
We also found a home for the butterfly bushes! Hooray! It’s starting to grow its summer flowers so I would feel sad making it go in a box. It’s going to a nice home and will probably be cared for even better now.
I’ve been trying to shift Gobos sleep schedule for the drive. It’s not going to well. He went down at 10 instead of midnight, but is now up at 2:40 am. Ugh.

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