Is it June yet?

Its been crazy here with packing.  I guess all the stress built up and triggered a migraine for me. 😦

Hopefully that will be the last one for a while because I really don’t have time for them… Way too much to do.

The boxes had taken over my laptop area last night so I could barely get online.  Now we stacked them around my desk and I feel like I’m in a cubicle.

I think we will be packing up the kitchen tomorrow… so that will be it for cooking!

I went through a ton of clothing today.  I think we all have gotten to the point where we will just throw whatever in the bag and sort it out in NJ.

As you can tell from today’s writing style, I’m exhausted… a quick glance up my page and it looks like I’m writing a list.  Oh well.

Here is a picture of Gobo being a good sport and being a silly baby while I’m going through my clothing.  I feel bad we took over the floor today so he couldn’t get much crawling in… I’m probably going to regret that and be up with him most of the night.  Crawling is a good energy burner for him. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get him more space.

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