Moving day!

Moving day! Packrat got delivered yesterday and the guys showed up on time. It was only 2 of them even though we asked for 3 but oh well. It probably took a little longer to load up the box that way.
I am so exhausted from yesterday. On on my phone to bear with me. Actually you’ll notice a lot of phone updates from now on. I’ll try to get onto my computer when I find some service.
We did not get to bed until 6 am, and it is now 8:27 am and we ate back up doing some finishing touches.
Poor Sophie was crated during the bulk of the move. She is not a happy camper. We keep telling her she’s going on a big car ride.
Jared is taking out his stress by not sleeping and wanting to eat non stop. He was up from 2-4 am with us. I even pulled out his new glowing sea horse toy for the car and he wasn’t falling for it.
Here is the box getting delivered-

And what it looks like now-


Ah! Unloading will be so much fun.
Now to load up the car… That should be fun too. Biggest puzzle ever.
At some point today we will start our drive. Update later.

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