Moving day part 2

Still on my phone, no wifi yet.
I do not recommend getting only 1 hr of sleep on moving day! Not fun.
The box was supposed to be picked up at 8 am so we went to bed at 6 and woke up at 7. Luckily it was late. After we woke we still had to load up the car. Turned out we gad way too much for the car and since the box was still there we were able to put anything that fit into the car into that.
Things that did not make cut and we won’t see( hopefully) until NJ:
Doggy shampoo- it was a giant bottle… If we need to bath Sophie we will just buy( you wouldn’t believe how many petcos and petsmart signs we saw on the road)
Bottles/pump- Gobo will have to eat from source. If we need we will buy.
Giant container of formula- same deal
Some more random clothing
Ian’s cowboy hat- LOL! Long story.
And some other random things.
Once we left we went to the pacific one last time. Just drove through corona del mar. On our way back we saw the truck pulling into our apartment complex. Finally at 2 p. So we were able to watch!

I’m really happy how the first drive went. We had a few crying moments, but not a peep from Sophie. We decided to start with the doggy seat belt and we will see how she gets and then switch to her crate if its too much for her.


She was really nervous and fell asleep on some bags. After our first stop she was so so happy! And when we arrived at the hotel she explored the room and was in the best welshie mood. She loved the adventure.
Last night we met up with some Newport beach friends! They happened to be in town, very cool!
I didn’t take hotel pics yet, next post. I can’t wait for internet, after the trip I’ll have to go back and post even more pics.






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