Day 2

Still on phone. Going to try to hop on wifi later. I titled this day 2 but it’s currently day 3… I just didn’t post last night 😉
We were in Scottsdale AZ yesterday. I loved it!! Not as a vacation spot, which it is, but if I were to move again! Look at us planning our next move while in the middle of this one. We gotta get family to move with us. That’s our new rule. No moving without other fam.
The hotel was great. Firesky resort. Perfect for us, very dog and kid friendly. We slept in until 10:30, even the baby slept! We were all exhausted. Luckily the hotel had a food service table area by the lobby/ pools so got to eat with Sophie.

I’m absolutely in love with the area, warm dessert air and warm at night! Newport got really cold at night. Other bonus is that they have in-n-outs, Cracker barrels, dunkin donughts and waffle houses!! It’s like all the best of the country in one city! I could totally live here…

The drive to our current spot went perfect, no crying from anyone! Took really cool pics I’ll post later.

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