Day 3

Again on phone, wasn’t able to get wifi last night. :(. Maybe next hotel.
Also right now day 4, but writing about yesterday.

Yesterday we were at Sedona!
This has got to be one of the most beautiful areas of the country. We stayed put here and really enjoyed the area. I took some amazing shots with the camera so eventually I’ll get to upload them. Next trip I’m totally getting a wireless card. I’m kicking myself for not doing that.
We had some awesome views from the hotel.
We had breakfast at the hotel and headed over to cathedral rock and did some light hiking. Light being a joke when you go hiking with a dog and a baby. This was our first hike with both of them so definitely overpacked. I did realize I need to pick up a lens case that has a strap so we don’t have I take the whole camera bag. I wanted to take some shots with my nifty fifty so we had way too much extra baggage with us. I wore gobo in the ergo with a light backpack and Ian had Sophie’s leash and the camera backpack.
Ian caught a pick of me trying to get a cool shot while juggling everything. Yup skills, lol!20120528-114931.jpg

After the hike we went into town and had lunch at hideaway restaurant. Another yelp find. We both shared a vegetarian antipasti salad which came with garlic cheese bread. It was no Margaritas garlic bread w mutz, but was still pretty good, perfect for after an exhausting day. The place had an outdoor patio so we were able to take Sophie with us.




We hung out at the hotel after and then last that night went into town for dinner. We deviated from my food itinerary and went to a tourist trap place. Note to self: stick to itinerary! At lease gobo had fun with his Elmo place mats I picked up for the trip, and we sampled some cactus fries! Everything fried tastes good. It was fried cactus stops with spicy sauce made from its nectar. Pretty good.
We are on the road now, and it’s a pretty winding road, so I’ll finish up at our next stop. Hopefully with hotel wifi.






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