Day 7

Day 7 we took a day trip from Santa Fe and drove to the town of Taos. I think the drive to Taos was the most interesting part. The land is so interesting along the way. It really makes you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere. We passed some amazing mountains and even the rio grande river and the rio grande gorge. The town of Taos was interesting, lots of art galleries again, just had too many transient people for my taste.
We tried having dinner at Orlando’s but they wanted us to tie Sophie up on the side of the building! No way we would do that! On our way out some old person said “good, they are leaving!”
Ugh! That got me mad and I told Sophie she should poo in the parking lot, but she said she didn’t have to.
We ate in sonic instead. I didn’t mind because I never been to one before. I don’t think I’ll back either, I don’t get the sonic hype.
We did get a car wash at the gas station, the car really needed it. People were starting to look.










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