Day 9

Day 9 was Tulsa day. We got to meet up for lunch with welsh terrier Carson and her family, Paula and Ty. I ‘met’ Paula through a welsh terrier email list about 4 1/2 years ago and it was so exciting to finally meet in person!
We all had lunch at a cute brunch spot called Queenie’s plus. It was located in a shopping area called Utica square. Potterybarn, restoration hardware, anthropology… My kind of shopping, I was very happy.
We all got tasty sandwiches for lunch. Ian selected the California grilled cheese (how appropriate)- it had Avacado in it, and I got the Santa fe grilled cheese ( green chile peppers- yum!)
Ian and I split the flourless chocolate cake for desert. It was very very good, I think one of the best we’ve ever had.
Carson and Sophie were both very well behaved and got along real well. We got a lot of attention, not many people had seen welshies before. One girl asked if they were lakelands, which was actually pretty impressive because those are pretty rare too and many have never heard of those.
It was a beautiful day and there were a lot of people out with their dogs.
Carson was such a cutie and didn’t seem to mind when Sophie stole her kong.
After lunch we stayed to walk around in the stores. We were lucky that the restaurant was right next door to a bath and body works because Ian forgot to put deodorant on before we left the hotel room. After smelling all of their men’s scents he selected one. I was running low on shower gel and had just been talking about the day earlier how I wish we would be near a place to pick some up. They had a great sale( buy 3 get 3) so I stocked up. Hopefully they don’t explode in the trunk!
Later that day we met up with Ian’s friend Charles, and his girlfriend Donna. They came to our hotel and met Sophie, and then we all went out to dinner( wo poor Sophie who was left in her crate and stuck watching CBS. )
They drove us to an interesting place called Molly’s landing. It was an experience. Think if American pickers decorated a restaurant.
Just getting in was an adventure, they redid a bridge on the road next to it.., and just moved the top of the bridge over the restaurant entrance, pretty clever. There was a murder mystery going on in of the other dinning rooms so throughout the meal you would hear random screaming.
The food was very tasty, pretty surprising based on the looks of the place. appetizer was some battered mushrooms with a chipotle sauce. Ian selected the spicy 1872 ribeye. It was delicious. I don’t eat red meat but sampled a bite anyways, it was that good. I got the grilled chicken, very tender with some spice, yum!
We went back to their place for a bit after. It was fun being able to visit somebody’s house in the middle of Oklahoma. If somebody told me 3 years ago when I was still living in Hoboken I’d be driving across the country with a baby and stop off for lunch with another welshie family and then visit at another friends house in Tulsa oklahoma I wouldn’t believe them.







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