Day 10

Still in Tulsa for day 10. We used the morning to do laundry. Doesn’t sound very exciting, but after 10 days on the road being able to do laundry is a real treat! We had purposely booked our hotel for the laundry facilities. It did take longer than I hoped, only had 3 machines, 1 was broken, and 1 was in use, and I had 3 loads to do.
After all that we met up with Charles and Donna again. They picked us up and gave us a real Tulsa tour. We saw the Oral Roberts campus and the giant bronze hands. We googled him while looking at his hands and found out he died in Newport Beach, in the same hospital we had the baby in… How random is that?!
We also went to the river, which was pretty dry. Charles told us about how there I some dam upstream and sometimes people try walking across the river and get caught when they release the water. The fire depart then has to rescue everyone.
We went into downtown Tulsa. They had some nice big buildings and we heard about some if the oil people who used to trade deals in the 20’s and 30’s there.
One of the corners had some girl posing for pics. It was funny because it took us a while to realize there were people on the other side of the street photographing her, from our perspective she was just randomly striking some poses.
There downtown had a lot of art deco architecture. There was even a beautiful church all art deco style.
At that point the baby was getting hungry so we headed back. After he ate we took Sophie with us and went back to their house for dinner. Donna made us veggie lasagna with salad and garlic bread, yum!! Me and Ian had 2 plates, we were so happy to get some home cooked food!
Towards the end of the night the thunder and lightning was picking up. We went back to the hotel and got in just in time. It was crazy outside, lots of wind and rain. I was freaked out and hoping for no tornadoes. Sophie was barking at the thunder and hid by us, using us as human shields. I don’t like storms 😦





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