Day 11

Wow, Day 11 was the longest day ever. We drove from Tulsa Oklahoma to Nashville Tennessee.
We started driving at noon (got back really late from Charles house- so slept in) and arrived around 2am in Nashville. 15 hours on the road. Baby and dog were not amused.
Just packing up the car in Tulsa was a process. We had 3 nights in Tulsa, so all our stuff was scattered everywhere in the room.
Before we left we checked the weather app and saw we might be on some trouble, more red spots on the map along our route.
Luckily, Ian stopped off at a nearby target the night before and got some more water, and ritz crackers and Milano cookies( hey they are good for car trip munches). So we decided to skip breakfast/lunch or whatever meal it would be and get driving already and eat those.
Baby slept in too, so we got his morning nap in the car. We were able to get 3 1/2 hrs in non stop before he woke and started to fuss. Very exciting for us, he normally doesn’t sleep that long. We got some gas and stopped at a nearby Cracker barrel to use their facilities, and pick up some candy for the drive. Sophie also used their facilities outside.
The clouds were starting to look nasty and the app still showed rain.
We ran into the storm right before our 1st destination of the day.
First real stop along the ride was Little Rock, Arkansas. Ian wanted to see the Clinton library. He just made it. We arrived at 4:53pm…. And they closed at 5!
The security guard was nice and let him go in anyways, told him to just go to the 3rd floor oval office replica, and then leave. (I stayed in the car with the baby).
We drive through Little Rock to a yelp find for dinner. Whole Hog Cafe. Name pretty much explains it, tasty barbecue.
I had the shredded chicken sandwich with slaw and potato salad side. Very good and BBQ dipping sauce was amazing. Ian ordered the whole hog plate. Ribs, brisket and pulled pork with slaw, beans, potato salad and a roll. The meal was a car dining experience. Sophie and gobo let us eat, which was nice of them.
After our meal and everyone walked and changed we were back on the road.
Driving through Arkansas I kept asking Ian when we were getting off rt 18(in NJ) and why we were in freehold. Seriously. Why does Arkansas look like freehold?!
Next stop along our drive was Memphis Tennessee. I had “walking in Memphis” playing while we crossed the bridge. We parked on Beal street next to an Elvis sign and took everyone out to walk by B.B. Kings. The cops had blocked off that part of the road so you could only walk there.
They had horse carriages parked along the road and Sophie said she won’t walk past them, so Ian had to carry her.
Memphis was… Interesting…
I’m glad I saw it, but I never want to go back šŸ™‚
We passed lots of Elvis signs and the Gibson guitar factory( that was cool).
It was already around 10p in Memphis, and we still had a drive to Nashville ahead of us.
We ran into some more storms. It was pitch black and empty roads, very freaky. The lightning would light everything up so we could kinda see what was around.
Around 2 am we pulled into Nashville! We drove by some Honky Tonk bars, with people still dancing inside. Nashville is going to be fun!






















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