Day 12

Day 12 was Nashville day. After the crazy amount of driving on day 11, we saved day 12 for staying in Nashville. We didn’t get to bed until around 4am, so we slept in a little.
Woke up and read a text from Ali (Ian’s sister) that she read an article on hoboken411 (a popular hoboken website) about us! Very exciting, we love that website!
We met Ian’s friend Ron for lunch at Arnold’s Country kitchen.
Arnold’s was another Triple D find. It was everything we hoped for and more! As soon as we got there we knew it would be fun. Once you open the door you see a long line of people cafeteria style. The waiter/ bus boy/ just mayor of the place helped us out by saving a table for us and joking with the baby. Very friendly guy, a real personality. They had a bunch of southern style food. I had chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, Mac and cheese, and pecan pie. Super unhealthy, but I don’t think that’s the point at Arnold’s. Ian chose the meat loaf, corn pudding and mashes potatoes. He got the chocolate pudding pie for dessert. Basically it was like elementary school with trays and little plates of foods, with them scooping the main dishes onto a bigger plate. We had some lemonade and sweet tea to drink. The sweet tea was my favorite and was awesome. I could easily get addicted to that drink.
After lunch we said our goodbyes to Ron and headed back to the hotel to rescue Sophie.
We passed the new convention center being built. This thing is gigantic.
We all took a walk around the downtown. Luckily our hotel was downtown too so it made everything very easy. The whole area was turning into a party. Turns out the CMA’s were coming up and they have all these events around it. (shows how much we follow country music). Tents were going up everywhere, and they had some walk of fame awards going on in front of the hotel. We stopped off at a street concert 2 blocks away and listened to some group play. They were a group made up of cousins and some were pretty young, 10 I’m guessing. They were pretty good. The baby enjoyed the music and was kicking his feet to it. We walked around after 3 songs, picking up some coffees and walking on a pedestrian bridge over the river.
After we got tired we went back to the room, dropped off Sophie and let the baby crawl around on the bed.
Later we decided it was time to listen to some Honky Tonk… It was Nashville πŸ™‚
We went to some bar called Robert’s Western World. The lady at the door said that babies could go in, so we did, selecting a table away from the speakers. They had some band playing and it was a lot of fun and a really good crowd. We also ordered dinner there. Veggie burger for me, and fried baloney sandwich for Ian. Lol!
We also shared some fried pickles, they were surprisingly good and came with a ranch dressing dipping sauce.
We had some beers and enjoyed the music for a while. The lead band member told us he was Gobo’s age when he went to his first Honky Tonk bar. People were getting the baby to clap hands to the music and he had a great time. I think it’s cool how kid friendly they are, no cover charges, no cigarette smoke, surprising lack of drunks for a bar area. But it was 6 pm so they had time I guess πŸ™‚
















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