Day 13

Day 13 back on the road. We went to bed at a normal time on day 12 so actually managed to wake up at a normal time. We have gotten really efficient at loading the car. The valet people could not believe the amount of stuff we were putting in the car. Where there is a space, something is put there. We even have to open the diaper boxes and scatter the bundles around the trunk and car. We even have diapers and wipes under the front seats. Don’t want to run out of those.
After we left the hotel we headed over to Nashville’s biscuit house for breakfast. Ian found it on yelp. We haven’t seen this one on a food show, but it totally should be. It was right next to a pawn store, so you know it’s good stuff 😉
They advertised a drive thru so we were excited. When we got there it was like a window with cardboard and the space where a person would stand looked like was being used for storage. They had a hand written on a ripped piece of paper ” ring bell for service”. Ummm. Or not. We decided to park and Ian would order the food to go. The place was pretty busy so that was a good sign.
It was a real greasy spoon place. We had scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, grits, and of course a biscuit.
We also got some large coffees for the road. It was a real southern style breakfast.
Ian walked Sophie in the parking lot and one of the workers ran out to say hi and play with her. I hoped she washed her hands when she went back inside.
After breakfast it was driving. We drove across tennessee and had the time zone switch on us. I had no clue that Tennessee had 2 time zones. It was odd being back in ET.
I was back in the same time as most friends and family.
We saw the land change from relatively flat by Nashville to beautiful hills in eastern Tennessee as we got into Virginia and the blue ridge mountains. Very beautiful scenery. It was nice seeing eastern mountains. Much greener than the ones we saw in the west.
The drive went pretty smooth and we didn’t have more than 10 minutes of crying, so when we got to the hotel in virginia we thought we were good. After loading everything into the hotel room we realized we made a mistake with hotels. Lamp shades ripped and dented. Holes and stains in sheets. Golf ball under a chair. ( really). We were trying to brave the night and switch hotels the next day so I gave the baby a bath ( in his tub which we brought, putting babies in the actual hotel tub grosses me out)
After I got him all dressed for bed we were talking about how much better it would be if we just left tonight and got 2 nights at the new hotel. So we did!
We checked out and complained, loaded everything back into the car in record time, and checked into the new hotel. The new hotel was right in the middle of town, not the boondocks like the other one. At this point it was 3 am. There were still people walking around and the town looked fun. Hello Charlottesville 🙂























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