Day 14

Day 14 was spent in Charlottesville Virginia. We had a late start after the crazy hotel switching on day 13.
We woke up and grabbed lunch in the pedestrian mall that was right next to the hotel. The pedestrian mall is pretty much a street they closed off to traffic and filled in with tables and benches. Very similar to Washington street, if Washington street had no cars…
Since we were finally in the eastern time zone we felt comfortable getting some pizza slices. I can’t remember the last time we had pizza. It could have been over a year. California isn’t known for good pizza.
Ian had a chicken parm slice and I got plain. It was pretty good, but was no falippos.
We then went to the car and drove to our next spot for the day… Brenheim vineyards! For those that know us, know how much we love the Dave Matthews Band.. And wine. Brenheim is Dave’s winery, so how could we not visit?!?
Brenheim is a very cool place. Dave designed the building ( which fives off a lodge type vibe) and we learned his family used to live in the house on the land. He even got married there.
They have these two huge doors to go into the tasting area. The center of the room has a glass floor and you could see the wine barrels. The back wall is high with windows overlooking the vineyard.
Our pourer was very nice and we all had good conversation.
We did a tasting which included 6 wines.
After the tasting we got some crackers and red pepper hummus and sat outside on the patio with them.
we hung out there for a while.
When we got back to the hotel we walked sophie around the pedestrian mall. We saw lots of people carrying canon bags and wearing tags, so we asked what was going on. Turns out we were in the middle of the Look3 event. It’s an annual event for photographers filled with lots of seminars and other fun things. It was fun walking around won everyone else win their cameras, we fit right in.
















2 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. “because we were in the eastern time zone, we decided tonget some pizza slices.”– because time zones totally affect the way a pizza is made…

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