Day 15

Day 15! Getting closer to NJ, but we had stops still planned so NJ wont happen yet.
We left Charlottsville and drove an hour north to Culpeper and visited Sophie’s breeder. We were so excited for Sophie to be able to visit. It was fun watching Sophie’s reaction walking up to the house. I think she kinda knew it was familiar.
We let Sophie into the yard to stretch out her legs after being in the car so much. However, Sophie said she was just fine, thank you, and that she’d rather hang out next to us.
We went out into the town for lunch. We stopped at this cute deli place with outside seating. The weather was beautiful as well.
Afterwards we went back to the house and got to meet some 3 day old cairn puppies!! They were so so so cute! Their mommy was nice and let Gobo pet her babies.
After we said goodbyes we were back on the road. Our next stop was Gaithersburg Maryland. We ran into some serious traffic by DC. Everyone talks about how bad Los Angeles traffic is, but this was a million times worse!
Unfortunately our gps app started freaking out and kept changing the destination address back to the origin… So it kept wanting us to exit and make a uturn! That’s a major flaw. Looks like we need get a real gps. Luckily trips almost over so that can wait.
In Gaithersburg we got to the hotel and checked in… And then checked out.. It was a welfare hotel and we did not feel safe leaving our stuff in the room! When we were loading the car back up some guy ran out asking why we were leaving.. I was like see! They totally were watching us!
Luckily Ian’s good friends Todd and Robyn offered to put us up. That was really nice because we have a ton of baggage and a baby and a dog!
It was really fun being able to see them on our drive.







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