Day 16

Day 16 started in Gaithersburg Maryland. We had spent the night over at Todd’s and Robyn’s. When everyone was up we headed to brunch. Turned out Ian’s other friends with their son were in town! They live in NY so was completely random they were around at the same time. We all had brunch together. It was super great to see everyone and at once! This helped confirm that the east coast was the right move for us.
We all ate in a nice place that was in some outdoor shopping area. It reminded us of the Irvine Spectrum Mall in Cali, but this had a lake with peddle boating.
I ordered oatmeal with scrambled eggs… Sounds weird but was good the eggs were on the side and the oatmeal had carmalized brown sugar on top and topped with berries. Gobo was happy because he loves oatmeal mixed with blueberries.
Ian ordered some breakfast plate that came with a yummy scone with cream and jam – I stole a bite :).
We also shared some sweet potato fries and dipped them in honey mustard. Not really breakfast food but they were on the menu and sounded tasty.
After brunch his friends had to leave so we walked around with Todd and Robyn.
We walked by the lake and showed the baby some ducks and peddle boats. These were the coolest boats I’ve ever seen. They were all different shapes. Some were dragons, some swans, and even some flamingos.
After our walk we got some frozen yogurt. We went to a place called 16 handles. I think it’s a cute name for a yogurt place. It’s a yogurt place where you pour your own frozen yogurt into a cup and put on your own toppings. A trend that was in Cali when we moved there but now is almost everywhere.
After we left we headed back to load up the car.
Next stop NJ!
BUT still not to Hoboken. We drove to my parents house in Marlboro. They have an Airedale terrier named Abby. Introductions were a little stressful, but have been going ok.





















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