Day 17!

Day 17!!
Whew! Last day of driving, but just starting with the picture sharing. This will be my last main phone picture post, SO many camera pictures documenting our adventure to share. 1713 pictures taken with the canon to be exact. I could have used the computer to post this, but it’s been 17 days, I’ll stay consistent for the final day and post with the iPhone app.
We had spent the night in my parents house in Marlboro and had a nice breakfast before driving up. My dad made his Sunday breakfast for everyone. This Sunday was blueberry waffles with a side of fruit salad. Yum! Gobo thought they were very tasty and enjoyed a nice buffet of waffle pieces and Cheerios.
Both dogs have been cordial to one another, but we limit their freedom together, so it’s been a juggling act. Two female terriers living together can be trouble, but everyone has been good so far.
After breakfast we loaded the baby and Sophie into the car and headed to Hoboken!!
We kept telling Sophie she was going to Hoboken and she was doing her cute head tilts.
We stopped off at a Dunkin donuts on rt 9. It was very exciting because we hadn’t had any in over a year! I got a cup of my favorite, French vanilla. For some reason they don’t have d&d’s in Cali, you can only buy the bags in the store. But those never come out the same when you make it at home.
We got into Hoboken and immediately regretted not setting up parking ahead of time. We found a spot and met up with Ali ( Ian’s sister) at our condo. We checked the place out and let Sophie sniff around. She was extremely happy! She was confused why it was empty, but she definitely remembered the place.
My head was totally exploding. It is very very weird to move out of a place and then return 3 years later. It was like a super weird time warp.
We were also having a major culture shock. There were so many people walking around our age! Also there was a definite increase in strollers getting pushed around. So exciting!
We brought in lunch from falippos on first. We love that place. Seriously the best pizza in the country. Their chicken Parm and buffalo chicken slices are amazing.
After we left the apartment we went over to the store to look at paint colors. We wanted to change some colors around, it’s been a while and needed an update.
It’s fun to be able to decorate again.
We went back to Marlboro afterwards. We can’t get into our packrat until Tuesday, so have to crash at my parents still.

We may have reached Hoboken, but the fun posts are just about to begin. Really can’t wait to share our pics! It’s been such an amazing experience!

Thanks for sharing in our cross country adventure! 🙂












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