Santa Fe Tune Up Cafe

Going through some pics from the drive and found these yummy gems hidden in my folders.  These were taken at the Tune Up Cafe in Santa Fe- A Dinners, Drive-in’s and Dives recommendation.

I wrote about this place here.

I shouldn’t look at these so late at night, makes me hungry 🙂

I think I NEED to go back to this place.  I can’t decide which I could go for more right now… that yummy plantain, or the fruit cobbler dessert… actually, right now I could totally go for that warm fruit cobbler dessert with chunks of cherries and peaches topped with vanilla bean ice cream… yummm….

Almost, almost settled

Using this space to make a promise that I WILL get back to the blog. I don’t have a set area for the laptop yet , so I think that makes a big difference. Right now it’s just sitting on my buffet, not the most comfortable location.
Ian brought the counter stools up yesterday from our storage unit so I’m thinking that will be my area. It was funny bc those were on our list of do not bring back into the condo. Just gotta clear some boxes living under the counter and we will be back in business.