Hurricane Sandy

I haven’t posted in a while. Life got kinda busy between baby, school, new business, just life. I kept saying I needed to work on this site, just never got around to it.
Hoboken life was great. We missed Cali, but most family and friends are in NJ. I was planning on going here and whining about unpacking and parking and general city nuances.
This past Monday everything changed. Our beloved state of NJ got hit hard with Hurricane sandy. I can’t look at images of the shore without crying, let alone look out my window. Monday the Hudson River swamped my town, surrounding my building with about 4 feet of filthy water. Luckily we live on the 6th floor, but most of the city’s basement and 1st floor apartments are completely destroyed. I’m going to post my unedited pictures below, and in other posts. maybe I’ll go back and describe them, but I’m not going to promise. I’m on my phone as Internet is not working.
I just want to thank the people of my building for their high spirits holding parties in the lobby at night, finding outlets in electrical rooms that work to charge phones, plugging in the communal microwave and coffee maker. Our generator runs on gas so we were one of the few with those luxuries.










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