It snowed today in Hoboken!  Completely caught me off guard, but I was excited because I got to test out my new toy… macro photography extension tubes.

Got this shot of a snowflake! I have others to post, but this is all I uploaded for now…

Super excited over it, I tried taking some pictures during the last snow, but it was really icy, and all the pictures were just white clumps.  We had a few hours of AMAZING large white fluffy snowflakes.  It was important that they floated nicely down, because when they go fast they get all twisted and messed up. Who knew snowflakes were so complicated?!



Hoboken Lepre-Con 2013

Today was Hoboken’s Lepre-Con Day.  A few years back, sometime when we were living in Cali, Hoboken decided to cancel their St. Patty’s Day Parade in an effort to reduce the number of fun people/crazies/drunks who come into town once a year to party / trash the place.  The bars in town decided this was not cool and decided to instead organize what is now called Lepre-Con.  The town was still a big party, but NOTHING like what I remember.  I didn’t notice any people hanging out of windows/ off of roofs this year.  It was pretty much a lot of lines by the bars.

I walked around for a bit to see what was going on and took some snap shots.  Decide for yourself.

IMG_3723e-copy IMG_3725-copy IMG_3727e-copy IMG_3729-copy IMG_3730-copy IMG_3734e-copy IMG_3736-copy IMG_3747-copy IMG_3749e-copy IMG_3752e-copy IMG_3754e-copy IMG_3757e-copy IMG_3760e-copy IMG_3763e-copy IMG_3771e-copy IMG_3774e-copy Triptychleprecon-copy

Walking around

Walked with the baby to his playgroup today.  I decided to leave the stroller home and use the ergo.  I’m SO glad I did! the sidewalks were a mess.  glass and debris everywhere!

His group was in the heart of town, so it was my first time walking that way since the storm.  It was the first time I felt pretty scared in that area of town.  Lots of homeless garbage picking, and other people with pickups doing the same.  They were having a blast.  Definitely made me think twice about flea markets.  These people are totally going to resell the tossed furniture.  I did pass some objects that made me stop and go hmmmm. Like some giant wine barrels.  Those were really cool.  But a) where the heck am I going to put a giant wine barrel in a 1 bedroom condo, and b) it was covered in black sewer water… um, yea, so no thanks.  I also passed tons of Ikea furniture.  People love their Ikea Expedit  bookshelves!  side note – I’m using the 4 square one as a changing table in the bedroom, it’s awesome.  We also put a 4 tall one in the closet for the baby’s clothing.  It holds pretty much everything of his except the hanging stuff.

The building across from Ian’s old rental was a mess.  It seemed like everyone on the 1st floor lost everything.  I had to cross to the other side of the street because I couldn’t even pass.  The amount of debris was overwhelming, it was literally from against the building into the street. 

After the playgroup I passed by that way and they had the road blocked off and people sweeping up the street.  The sweeping kinda helped… it also makes everything a more consistant shade of grey/brown.

Baby was screaming his head off, he did NOT want to be in the ergo, so I took him out and carried him.  We stopped off at antique bakery for some whole wheat bread.  I’m so happy that place survived.  One of the last few places left in the country that still bakes bread over coal.  It’s really old school and I love it.

Later in the day I did my public duty and voted.  I took a walk down Garden street to get there.  I could not believe how bad it was.  I took a short video of my walk and posted it to youtube.  It was my first time using imovie.  I think I’m going to be hooked.  It’s no avid, but its the only video editing software on my laptop, so it wins.

Click here to see my You Tube video of walking down Garden Street.

Voting was easy, only about 3 people on line in front of me.  They had it in a different location then when I last lived in Hoboken, so I’m glad I double checked.  I was happy it was still not far from Empire coffee.  My voting ritual is vote, then go to Empire.

Hurricane Sandy- phone pics

Didn’t go out much today. Helped out some friends still without power and needed a warm place to visit and a hot shower. Its very sad walking around outside. There are tons of nice people handing out free food, but I refuse to take anything. I got my power back and it would be just wrong in my opinion. They are predicting a nor’easter this week. I’m ready to go back to Cali! I need to buy some snow boots ASAP. ( long rain boots wouldn’t hurt either) actually a canoe would have been pretty useful.
I never posted some of my phone pics from the storm. Here are some pics I took Monday afternoon, right before the storm. Everyone was out getting their last few minutes of walking outdoors in. We all knew the clock was ticking.






Tuesday morning:






Our communal charging station and microwave. This was our lifeline and sanity saver.

Hurricane Sandy- Hoboken 2nd day outside

Today was my second day outside my building.  It is so nice to actually be able to walk outside.  The town is looking much better today.  Don’t get me wrong, it still has a long way to go, but I was impressed with the progress.  Tons of people handing out free food all over town to those in need.  Washington Street had a lot of food trucks lined up and down.  It wasn’t just Hobokenites that needed the food, but all those who came in to help.

Children’s playground with people waiting for hot meals in the background.

SO SO SO excited to see that the baby playground survived the storm:


Also happy my fav. Hoboken Coffee shop survived!Power, Heat & YARN!

The tape worked…

Grocery store using generator to help with lights…

Hurricane Sandy- first venture outside

Images below from our first time walking out of our building after the water went down. We found hot food at the local bar Blackbear. They were running off of generators and cooked by candle light. Thy had a limited menu of Mac and cheese, fries, sliders and fried chicken( which they sold out of while we were there) yet also had cold beers. Me and Jared shared the Mac and cheese and fries. It was the best meal ever. We went with our two good friends so it was nice hangs g out pretending outside didn’t look like a war zone.



































Hurricane Sandy

I haven’t posted in a while. Life got kinda busy between baby, school, new business, just life. I kept saying I needed to work on this site, just never got around to it.
Hoboken life was great. We missed Cali, but most family and friends are in NJ. I was planning on going here and whining about unpacking and parking and general city nuances.
This past Monday everything changed. Our beloved state of NJ got hit hard with Hurricane sandy. I can’t look at images of the shore without crying, let alone look out my window. Monday the Hudson River swamped my town, surrounding my building with about 4 feet of filthy water. Luckily we live on the 6th floor, but most of the city’s basement and 1st floor apartments are completely destroyed. I’m going to post my unedited pictures below, and in other posts. maybe I’ll go back and describe them, but I’m not going to promise. I’m on my phone as Internet is not working.
I just want to thank the people of my building for their high spirits holding parties in the lobby at night, finding outlets in electrical rooms that work to charge phones, plugging in the communal microwave and coffee maker. Our generator runs on gas so we were one of the few with those luxuries.










Day 13

Day 13 back on the road. We went to bed at a normal time on day 12 so actually managed to wake up at a normal time. We have gotten really efficient at loading the car. The valet people could not believe the amount of stuff we were putting in the car. Where there is a space, something is put there. We even have to open the diaper boxes and scatter the bundles around the trunk and car. We even have diapers and wipes under the front seats. Don’t want to run out of those.
After we left the hotel we headed over to Nashville’s biscuit house for breakfast. Ian found it on yelp. We haven’t seen this one on a food show, but it totally should be. It was right next to a pawn store, so you know it’s good stuff 😉
They advertised a drive thru so we were excited. When we got there it was like a window with cardboard and the space where a person would stand looked like was being used for storage. They had a hand written on a ripped piece of paper ” ring bell for service”. Ummm. Or not. We decided to park and Ian would order the food to go. The place was pretty busy so that was a good sign.
It was a real greasy spoon place. We had scrambled eggs, breakfast potatoes, grits, and of course a biscuit.
We also got some large coffees for the road. It was a real southern style breakfast.
Ian walked Sophie in the parking lot and one of the workers ran out to say hi and play with her. I hoped she washed her hands when she went back inside.
After breakfast it was driving. We drove across tennessee and had the time zone switch on us. I had no clue that Tennessee had 2 time zones. It was odd being back in ET.
I was back in the same time as most friends and family.
We saw the land change from relatively flat by Nashville to beautiful hills in eastern Tennessee as we got into Virginia and the blue ridge mountains. Very beautiful scenery. It was nice seeing eastern mountains. Much greener than the ones we saw in the west.
The drive went pretty smooth and we didn’t have more than 10 minutes of crying, so when we got to the hotel in virginia we thought we were good. After loading everything into the hotel room we realized we made a mistake with hotels. Lamp shades ripped and dented. Holes and stains in sheets. Golf ball under a chair. ( really). We were trying to brave the night and switch hotels the next day so I gave the baby a bath ( in his tub which we brought, putting babies in the actual hotel tub grosses me out)
After I got him all dressed for bed we were talking about how much better it would be if we just left tonight and got 2 nights at the new hotel. So we did!
We checked out and complained, loaded everything back into the car in record time, and checked into the new hotel. The new hotel was right in the middle of town, not the boondocks like the other one. At this point it was 3 am. There were still people walking around and the town looked fun. Hello Charlottesville 🙂