Ritz Laguna Niguel… Check!

Today was a pretty interesting day. Started of with the usual packing, which led into mass freecycle give aways. However, I loved how it ended.

We got to check visiting one last time to the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel off our list. We love that place. It has such a beautiful park off the ocean with lots of walking paths. We also like to crash their amenities and I get to feed Gobo inside on comfy couches. They have a lots of fun lounges inside, and it gives off a fancy cruise ship vibe.

Today we picked up dinner at In-N-Out burger and brought it to the Ritz… only the best at the Ritz ūüėČ

I took the camera with me today and captured lots of fun pics.

This is the Ritz from the walking paths. Isn’t it beautiful?!? Maybe one day we will come back to visit and stay here…

some more walking paths


Ian and Gobo enjoying the moment… Gobo was having a blast watching the ocean. We love these chairs… super comfy!

We will go back to reality tomorrow and pack some more… sigh.

Whew! What a Day.

Wow, what a day! I knew the day was going to be interesting when it started off with my comb dropping into the toilet. (To whomever decided to build a closet over the toilet: not the brightest idea…. oh and note to self- order new comb from amazon…)

We got a call this afternoon that our neighbor wanted to take over our lease (our lease is up in August). We all signed the necessary paperwork and I’m glad her two little Hurricane Katrina rescue dogs will get to enjoy our sunny patio.

We also had this couple come look at our apartment later on in the day. ¬†They were our CYA people (incase lady #1’s credit didn’t check out OK). ¬†These people were the epitome of how not to look at an apartment. ¬†Normally I wouldn’t talk bad about people, but its my blog, and they got me annoyed, so I’m going to, ha! ūüôā

Firstly, they were 1 hour late… at dinner time… Those with a baby know how important dinner time is. ¬†If dinner is late, the whole night is thrown off. ¬†So I’m in the kitchen finishing off the soup (yay soup!). ¬†The guy comes in and starts opening up the cabinets. Now ok, I get it, you want to make sure that its a cabinet and not some weird¬†facade.

Great, coffee mugs! Mazel Tov! You found my coffee mugs!

Good job, you found them, its a real cabinet, now move along, don’t you have more important things to look at?

So a normal person would be like, OK, I bothered this nice lady making soup and taking care of her baby while her husband explains how nice it is here, let me back away from the counter and leave.

Nope! No such luck.  He then decides to lean over where the chicken is sitting, waiting for me to cut up, and open up the rest of the cabinets.

He found my plates. Good job.

At this point I’m giving him evil looks and plotting all the clever things to do if he moves 1 inch closer to my chicken.

I think he got the hint and left.  whew, chicken saved.  I found out after they left that Ian was also getting pretty nervous about his close proximity to the chicken and coming up with his own methods of intercepting the guy.

I could go on and on about this people. But I’ll spare you and just say they put in WAY too much work for a 3 month rental. ¬†I’m curious how much of it was the guy showing of to his girl because it was their first place together, and how much of it was simply because he was just a dork.

Other happenings of the day were my¬†beginning¬†of a breakdown that I was leaving my plants. ¬†I didn’t even know I cared about my plants! ¬†I’m still in shock that I care. ¬†But I guess it makes sense, I have had them for about 2 1/2 years, and they are still alive (yay!), so I must be doing something right. ¬†In fact, I just started to water them again this month (Ian took over when I was in my ready to pop mode of pregnancy). ¬†We found a home for my succulent, so I’m happy about that. ¬†The lady taking over my apartment is taking my lemon and lime trees. I hope she doesn’t kill them, she did make me nervous talking about her history with killing plants, but they are way to heavy to move, sigh. ¬†I’m also going to leave my aloe plant b/c it’s been happy as an outside plant, and really, you have to try really hard to kill this thing. ¬†It’s a pretty forgiving plant.

My butterfly bushes still need a home. I might try fed-ex’ing them, I know they can live in NJ. Its just a matter of them living getting transported to NJ. ¬†Ian has some other people to offer them up to first.

I took the camera out today and caught a quick picture of a little snail on the butterfly bush pot and some water droplets on my succulent. ¬†I love how the succulents catch the water. I’m going to have to find some NJ friendly versions.

We also built our first boxes for the move. ¬†First thing to get packed up was DS’s swing (I really need to come up with a better blog name for him… suggestions welcome)

He has outgrown it and its kinda funny setting him up in it. ¬†I can picture the song Memories playing in his head as he looks at the spinning birds. He’s like “oooooh, I remember this from when I was a little boy….”.

He doesn’t last more than two minutes in it, sigh.

Sort, Shred, Recycle, repeat…

Ok, so now I really feel like I’m living in a recycling center. ¬†All that paper that we’ve been scanning… well now its getting shredded. Instead of tossing it we are using it as packing material. ¬†Win for the planet, and win for us not having to buy packing material.

However, we are still not packed… so all this shredded paper is now in garbage bags. I’m sure Sophie is going to have a field day when we leave her home alone with it. ¬†Its already on DS’s radar, and he keeps crawling to try to ‘sample’ some of the tasty looking shreds what keep popping out of the bags. Yea, its fun times over here.

I remembered to take a pic of DS eating breakfast this morning…

He loves his oatmeal and apple sauce.  He started making his happy sounds while eating, super cute.

He is wearing his Kushies waterproof long sleeve bib. ¬†I LOVE this bib. ¬†We have a bumkins long sleeve bib too, but I like the Kushies ones the best. ¬†I think its also a little more natural made than bumkins so I feel better with him using those. ¬†If you do BLW, or just have a messy baby, I highly recommend getting water proof bibs,¬†especially¬†the sleeved ones. ¬†I wash it in the sink with some dish soap after he eats and hang it on the rack outside to dry out. ¬†It is so incredibly easy. ¬†I am curious how it will work hanging stuff to dry in hoboken… I remember I used to just use a rack in the foyer, but that won’t really work well now. ¬†I’d like to try to use the balcony, but it can get pretty windy out there. ¬†If you see some Kushies bibs blowing over the Hudson… it wasn’t me.

Yummy Banana…. check!

We escaped some moving¬†responsibilities¬†today and made it over to Balboa Island. ¬†If you are ever in Orange County,¬†definitely¬†take a day trip over there. ¬†Balboa Island is part of Newport Beach and is a cute little beachy town. We are still a few weeks away from tourist season so it was pleasant. ¬†We walked around the town and I got to eat my frozen banana… hooray! ¬†They were all out of heath crunch (boo), but I did get to order my 2nd fav… rainbow sprinkles with oreo pieces… yum!

Our favorite Balboa bar / Frozen Banana shop is the Sugar & Spice. ¬†A balboa bar is a square chunk of vanilla icecream on a stick… when you order they dunk it in chocolate and then put your toppings on it… super yum! ¬†When you order the banana you first have to pick what size. ¬†I find that extremely funny. ¬†They then unwrap your frozen banana and dunk that into the chocolate and roll in your toppings… yummy!

They have this one and another shop called Dad’s on the same block… each one claiming to be the ‘original’ frozen banana. ¬†We are partial to S&S. ¬†Everyone here has their¬†loyalties… you are either a Sugar & Spice fan or a Dad’s fan.

We might need to make another trip back before we leave… I consider these yummy treats fruit so its ok. ¬†ūüėČ

Mine mine mine mine

More sorting today. ¬†Sounds boring… but you try sorting papers while tending to a curious 6 1/2 month old and his curious Welsh terrier.

More planning underway. ¬†I’ve got the first 3 or so cities done. ¬†My workflow for picking out where to eat is check food network map, compare to route. ¬†Cross check reviews with yelp. ¬†Then do a yelp check to see if food network missed something.

What I’ve learned so far.

1- Guy goes to a city and eats in lots of places, but makes different episodes out of it.

2- about 75% of the places only got around 3-4 stars on Yelp.

3- People on Yelp either love the place, giving it 5 stars, or hated it and also hate guy for sending them there, giving it 1 star.

So pretty much if a place has 4 1/2 – 5 stars and has over 100 reviewers, I’m betting its pretty good. ¬†Any other ratio and its a gamble.

Weekends here in southern cali are dwindling. ¬†Of course May grey is back… cause its May and all. ¬†May Grey June Gloom. ¬†I had never heard of that phrase prior to moving out here. ¬†It’s no joke. ¬†Please don’t waste your $ going to ‘sunny’ southern california in May or June. ¬†Unless you are going to Palm Springs… It’s always sunny there it seems.

Things we still need to do in Cali-

1- Go to Huntington Library Gardens

2- Santa Barbara. We would love to go there again, but realistically that won’t happen, but I’m keeping it on my list just because.

3- Eat another frozen banana (I like mine 1/2 rainbow sprinkles and 1/2 Heath crunch fyi – yum!)

4- Go to the Ritz in Laguna Niguel – its pretty

That’s all I can think of at 1:05 am… wow I really do pretty much post at the same time. ¬†Probably because DS¬†decides 12:30am is the ideal baby bed time…

Luckily we aren’t staying in some hotels more than 2 nights… they are going to hate us, haha. ¬†We are going to be one of ‘those’. ¬†If you see people with a baby and a dog checking into a hotel, be afraid. Heck, I’m afraid for myself ūüôā

Things we will miss

Before we leave we are trying to get in some of our fav spots one last time.

Today we are having some chronic taco. They make awesome fish tacos and burritos.., yum!