Moving day part 2

Still on my phone, no wifi yet.
I do not recommend getting only 1 hr of sleep on moving day! Not fun.
The box was supposed to be picked up at 8 am so we went to bed at 6 and woke up at 7. Luckily it was late. After we woke we still had to load up the car. Turned out we gad way too much for the car and since the box was still there we were able to put anything that fit into the car into that.
Things that did not make cut and we won’t see( hopefully) until NJ:
Doggy shampoo- it was a giant bottle… If we need to bath Sophie we will just buy( you wouldn’t believe how many petcos and petsmart signs we saw on the road)
Bottles/pump- Gobo will have to eat from source. If we need we will buy.
Giant container of formula- same deal
Some more random clothing
Ian’s cowboy hat- LOL! Long story.
And some other random things.
Once we left we went to the pacific one last time. Just drove through corona del mar. On our way back we saw the truck pulling into our apartment complex. Finally at 2 p. So we were able to watch!

I’m really happy how the first drive went. We had a few crying moments, but not a peep from Sophie. We decided to start with the doggy seat belt and we will see how she gets and then switch to her crate if its too much for her.


She was really nervous and fell asleep on some bags. After our first stop she was so so happy! And when we arrived at the hotel she explored the room and was in the best welshie mood. She loved the adventure.
Last night we met up with some Newport beach friends! They happened to be in town, very cool!
I didn’t take hotel pics yet, next post. I can’t wait for internet, after the trip I’ll have to go back and post even more pics.






Moving day!

Moving day! Packrat got delivered yesterday and the guys showed up on time. It was only 2 of them even though we asked for 3 but oh well. It probably took a little longer to load up the box that way.
I am so exhausted from yesterday. On on my phone to bear with me. Actually you’ll notice a lot of phone updates from now on. I’ll try to get onto my computer when I find some service.
We did not get to bed until 6 am, and it is now 8:27 am and we ate back up doing some finishing touches.
Poor Sophie was crated during the bulk of the move. She is not a happy camper. We keep telling her she’s going on a big car ride.
Jared is taking out his stress by not sleeping and wanting to eat non stop. He was up from 2-4 am with us. I even pulled out his new glowing sea horse toy for the car and he wasn’t falling for it.
Here is the box getting delivered-

And what it looks like now-


Ah! Unloading will be so much fun.
Now to load up the car… That should be fun too. Biggest puzzle ever.
At some point today we will start our drive. Update later.

Almost time

It’s getting really close to our move. Packrat container gets delivered TOMORROW! OMG! It looks like its going to be a real late night packing tonight. Local guys should be coming around 2p tomorrow to move our stuff into the box. I still have a closet that is untouched from packing!

I did something yesterday I never dreamed I would do. I donated my freezer stash of milk. I know…. I KNOW! I can list the vast comments going on across the web about this. Believe me, I thought of all of them. But, after you think about it for a while, you realize it is actually a really beautiful thing.

A little adopted baby girl who doesn’t handle formula well and thrives only on breast milk now gets all the same health benefits my baby got. 🙂

I’ll have to start a new stash in NJ, but this was a much better option than throwing it out and/or dealing with the craziness of trying to ship it. Shout out to Eats on Feets! I didn’t know this organization even existed and I might continue to make some donations in New Jersey.

Since we are on the food topic, here is a fun fortune cookie fortune I got this week! How appropriate!

Thnks fr th Mmrs

Last Saturday in Newport Beach.  It has been one busy week, and I slacked a bit on the blog.  I’ll try to be better… try 🙂

We had car #1 picked up by the shippers.  This car had to be shipped… no way we were going to attempt our 16 day adventure cross country with a baby and dog in a two door with no middle back seat.  That would have been asking for craziness.  Bye Bye car, hope to see you in New Jersey!

The apartment is getting filled up with boxes.  We are still trying to sell some of our furniture, hopefully we do sell it and its sooner than later because we really need the floor space for boxes.  

I’ve been procrastinating packing the outdoor stuff.  We sold our patio set so at least we won’t have to pack that up.  One thing I must take are my garden frogs.  I’m going to make room for these guys on our Hoboken Balcony. Hopefully next to some tomato and basil plants.  Gotta have fresh tomato and basil for the yummy mutz.  Flowers will be figured out later on.  We have our priorities. 😉

Doesn’t seem like we are going to make it to the Huntington Library Gardens… boo. 😦

We totally slacked on packing so there is no way.  Maybe next trip out here.  We are now going to be one of those who have vacation in Newport Beach, no more being locals.  But at least now we will be Hoboken and NYC locals 🙂

I’ve been getting excited about taking the path into the city with Gobo.  I am really missing the meatpacking district and chelsea market.  I’m also getting tired of driving and can’t wait to go back to walking everywhere.  Good think I’m getting tired of driving before we start a 16 day road trip. I’m guessing I’ll be whining on here about being in a car by… oh… 2 hours into the drive. Ha!

Ritz Laguna Niguel… Check!

Today was a pretty interesting day. Started of with the usual packing, which led into mass freecycle give aways. However, I loved how it ended.

We got to check visiting one last time to the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel off our list. We love that place. It has such a beautiful park off the ocean with lots of walking paths. We also like to crash their amenities and I get to feed Gobo inside on comfy couches. They have a lots of fun lounges inside, and it gives off a fancy cruise ship vibe.

Today we picked up dinner at In-N-Out burger and brought it to the Ritz… only the best at the Ritz 😉

I took the camera with me today and captured lots of fun pics.

This is the Ritz from the walking paths. Isn’t it beautiful?!? Maybe one day we will come back to visit and stay here…

some more walking paths


Ian and Gobo enjoying the moment… Gobo was having a blast watching the ocean. We love these chairs… super comfy!

We will go back to reality tomorrow and pack some more… sigh.

Is it June yet?

Its been crazy here with packing.  I guess all the stress built up and triggered a migraine for me. 😦

Hopefully that will be the last one for a while because I really don’t have time for them… Way too much to do.

The boxes had taken over my laptop area last night so I could barely get online.  Now we stacked them around my desk and I feel like I’m in a cubicle.

I think we will be packing up the kitchen tomorrow… so that will be it for cooking!

I went through a ton of clothing today.  I think we all have gotten to the point where we will just throw whatever in the bag and sort it out in NJ.

As you can tell from today’s writing style, I’m exhausted… a quick glance up my page and it looks like I’m writing a list.  Oh well.

Here is a picture of Gobo being a good sport and being a silly baby while I’m going through my clothing.  I feel bad we took over the floor today so he couldn’t get much crawling in… I’m probably going to regret that and be up with him most of the night.  Crawling is a good energy burner for him. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get him more space.

Holy tower of boxes!

Today was a real packing day. Realization hit that in two weeks we will be well into our drive. We are definitely complicating things by having to pack for three locations… Hoboken, storage unit, and my parents house where we will be crashing. We are planning on doing some major painting and renovating in our Hoboken condo, so we didn’t want Gobo ( I’ve renamed ds to this, I’m not 100% on it yet, but I’ll go with it for now) inhaling all the paint fumes.
This means that Sophie will be living with Abby the Airedale terrier for a while too… Yea. Should be interesting and will probably mean lots of taking turns with crate time.
We also sold our patio set to the new renters. I love that set, but it’s for the better.
We also found a home for the butterfly bushes! Hooray! It’s starting to grow its summer flowers so I would feel sad making it go in a box. It’s going to a nice home and will probably be cared for even better now.
I’ve been trying to shift Gobos sleep schedule for the drive. It’s not going to well. He went down at 10 instead of midnight, but is now up at 2:40 am. Ugh.

Whew! What a Day.

Wow, what a day! I knew the day was going to be interesting when it started off with my comb dropping into the toilet. (To whomever decided to build a closet over the toilet: not the brightest idea…. oh and note to self- order new comb from amazon…)

We got a call this afternoon that our neighbor wanted to take over our lease (our lease is up in August). We all signed the necessary paperwork and I’m glad her two little Hurricane Katrina rescue dogs will get to enjoy our sunny patio.

We also had this couple come look at our apartment later on in the day.  They were our CYA people (incase lady #1’s credit didn’t check out OK).  These people were the epitome of how not to look at an apartment.  Normally I wouldn’t talk bad about people, but its my blog, and they got me annoyed, so I’m going to, ha! 🙂

Firstly, they were 1 hour late… at dinner time… Those with a baby know how important dinner time is.  If dinner is late, the whole night is thrown off.  So I’m in the kitchen finishing off the soup (yay soup!).  The guy comes in and starts opening up the cabinets. Now ok, I get it, you want to make sure that its a cabinet and not some weird facade.

Great, coffee mugs! Mazel Tov! You found my coffee mugs!

Good job, you found them, its a real cabinet, now move along, don’t you have more important things to look at?

So a normal person would be like, OK, I bothered this nice lady making soup and taking care of her baby while her husband explains how nice it is here, let me back away from the counter and leave.

Nope! No such luck.  He then decides to lean over where the chicken is sitting, waiting for me to cut up, and open up the rest of the cabinets.

He found my plates. Good job.

At this point I’m giving him evil looks and plotting all the clever things to do if he moves 1 inch closer to my chicken.

I think he got the hint and left.  whew, chicken saved.  I found out after they left that Ian was also getting pretty nervous about his close proximity to the chicken and coming up with his own methods of intercepting the guy.

I could go on and on about this people. But I’ll spare you and just say they put in WAY too much work for a 3 month rental.  I’m curious how much of it was the guy showing of to his girl because it was their first place together, and how much of it was simply because he was just a dork.

Other happenings of the day were my beginning of a breakdown that I was leaving my plants.  I didn’t even know I cared about my plants!  I’m still in shock that I care.  But I guess it makes sense, I have had them for about 2 1/2 years, and they are still alive (yay!), so I must be doing something right.  In fact, I just started to water them again this month (Ian took over when I was in my ready to pop mode of pregnancy).  We found a home for my succulent, so I’m happy about that.  The lady taking over my apartment is taking my lemon and lime trees. I hope she doesn’t kill them, she did make me nervous talking about her history with killing plants, but they are way to heavy to move, sigh.  I’m also going to leave my aloe plant b/c it’s been happy as an outside plant, and really, you have to try really hard to kill this thing.  It’s a pretty forgiving plant.

My butterfly bushes still need a home. I might try fed-ex’ing them, I know they can live in NJ. Its just a matter of them living getting transported to NJ.  Ian has some other people to offer them up to first.

I took the camera out today and caught a quick picture of a little snail on the butterfly bush pot and some water droplets on my succulent.  I love how the succulents catch the water. I’m going to have to find some NJ friendly versions.

We also built our first boxes for the move.  First thing to get packed up was DS’s swing (I really need to come up with a better blog name for him… suggestions welcome)

He has outgrown it and its kinda funny setting him up in it.  I can picture the song Memories playing in his head as he looks at the spinning birds. He’s like “oooooh, I remember this from when I was a little boy….”.

He doesn’t last more than two minutes in it, sigh.

Time to get serious about moving

We have about two weeks left… AH!! If you were to come into our apartment, ignoring the recycling center of broken down boxes, you would never be able to tell that we were moving.  I feel that we are just going to throw everything into boxes at the last second and sort it all our in New Jersey.  Hmm… that sounds pretty good actually…

Car #1 gets picked up next Wednesday to get shipped.  That is going to be weird.  When I found that out my first thought was, Oh-Em-GEEE! how am I going to get to the nail salon?!?!… Second thought was, H*ly Cr*p! We need to pack.

Going to try to make more soup tomorrow (erm, today.. it is 1:12am).  I can’t believe I’m going to have 16 days of no cooking.. actually, its going to be longer than that.  I have to pack my pots/dishes at some point…

That’s right, 16 days. We reduced the trip by 1 day.  Sorry Elvis, you didn’t make the cut on this trip.  We did get to throw in one stop that deals with a musician… SUPER SUPER excited about this stop. I won’t give it away on here, just saying we are SUPER excited!! If you know us in real life you probably could figure it out. I’m going to try to keep our stops a surprise on here. 🙂

Did I mention how excited we were for this musician themed stop?

Sort, Shred, Recycle, repeat…

Ok, so now I really feel like I’m living in a recycling center.  All that paper that we’ve been scanning… well now its getting shredded. Instead of tossing it we are using it as packing material.  Win for the planet, and win for us not having to buy packing material.

However, we are still not packed… so all this shredded paper is now in garbage bags. I’m sure Sophie is going to have a field day when we leave her home alone with it.  Its already on DS’s radar, and he keeps crawling to try to ‘sample’ some of the tasty looking shreds what keep popping out of the bags. Yea, its fun times over here.

I remembered to take a pic of DS eating breakfast this morning…

He loves his oatmeal and apple sauce.  He started making his happy sounds while eating, super cute.

He is wearing his Kushies waterproof long sleeve bib.  I LOVE this bib.  We have a bumkins long sleeve bib too, but I like the Kushies ones the best.  I think its also a little more natural made than bumkins so I feel better with him using those.  If you do BLW, or just have a messy baby, I highly recommend getting water proof bibs, especially the sleeved ones.  I wash it in the sink with some dish soap after he eats and hang it on the rack outside to dry out.  It is so incredibly easy.  I am curious how it will work hanging stuff to dry in hoboken… I remember I used to just use a rack in the foyer, but that won’t really work well now.  I’d like to try to use the balcony, but it can get pretty windy out there.  If you see some Kushies bibs blowing over the Hudson… it wasn’t me.