Partial Baby Led Weaning

Not too much excitement on packing progress today so I’ll address a topic brought up a lot to me.  We get a lot of questions on how we feed DS.  Most people seem to be in shock when we tell them that we never have nor plan to ever buy baby food.  He has never had formula, never had rice cereal, and we waited until 6 months for solids. ::gasp:: 🙂

We are big fans of Baby Led Weaning (BLW).  That is ‘weaning’ in the British sense… not American.  Funny how the translation got mixed up when it crossed the Atlantic.  You can google this method, or better yet, read the Baby Led Weaning book by Gil Rapley & Tracey Murkett.  It’s a good read and goes by pretty fast.

Basically, the concept is to let the baby decide what they want to eat, and how.  You offer them real food, like the same food your eating, and then they do with it as they wish.  Sometimes it goes in their mouth, sometimes it gets smashed.. whatever.  Before they are 1 years old its just for fun and exploring anyways, milk is their primary source of food. There is no forced spoon-feeding, or processed puree. You eat broccoli, they eat broccoli. You eat Moroccan chicken, they eat Moroccan chicken….

::brief pause for those yelling and screaming at me::

Now, let me just say we are doing this method, but doing what I consider doing it partially… If he gets something, such as a green bean, and tries to take too big a chunk off… we stop.  Do some mashing.  I really don’t want to test out my baby heimlich skills.  We pre-load a spoon and offer him that instead.  He still feeds himself, but doesn’t freak me out as much.  As we see his abilities we give him more leeway.  He loves eating whole broccoli.  They have natural handles and he nibbles off the small green bits. Fun stuff.

Of course this can get messy, so a long sleeve bib is very useful.

I’m looking forward to him eating with us on our cross-country drive.  He loves new flavors, and so do we 🙂

At 6 1/2 months old and has already had Cuban, Moroccan, Jewish (chicken matzoh ball soup), and Mediterranean (this boy loves his humus).

We picked up a cute Annabel Kormel masher for home use.  

This is some breakfast from today.  I had oatmeal for myself and scooped some out for him.  It was rolled oats and just mashed it a bit to make it easier for him.  I added brown sugar and honey to mine (yum!) and some applesauce in his.  We are avoiding honey and chocolate for him for the first year, but everything else is good to go.

I picked up some green sprouts travel mashers for the road… I got 3, I figured one for each meal and I’ll just wash them at night in the hotel… easy peasy.  

I’ll try to catch a feeding picture of him later.

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