Day 4

No wifi! Still on phone…Ugh! Next stop better have it, I want to upload pics…
Day 4 we left Sedona and drove to the grand canyon. I was surprised to see so many big trees along the drive. I dunno why but I had always pictured vast amounts of sand.
We arrived at the grand canyon around noon, exactly when they say not to be outside. First task was to buy water… Ha! That was a joke. If you ever want a water bottle at the grand canyon bring your own. They only sell soda and Gatorade. Luckily we still had just enough for Sophie. We walked over to the south rim and enjoyed the views… Sophie enjoyed watching a chipmunk, and Gobo enjoyed his banana toothbrush. We then went over to the marketplace to grab lunch. The counter food looked gross so we picked up some peanut butter and bread. It was actually perfect and didn’t make us feel heavy like the fried stuff they were trying to sell would. We were also able to buy a jug of water which I used to fill up our Klean kanteens.
Afterwards we drove over to some other lookout points. These were much better and didn’t have the crazy parking lots like the first stop. I also spotted a baby bird.. Eagle?ospray? I gotta look that up, I’m not that good with birds. It was all along atop a giant rock sticking up. The canon has pics of it I’ll eventually get those uploaded.
It was definitely worth the trip over there, very cool.



That was some bird( not the baby) curious about all our picture taking and wanted his pic taken too. 🙂

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