Day 6

Day 6. Now it really feels like we are far away from Cali.
On phone still. Was too exhausted to use the little wifi I did find. I’m thinking I’ll just keep posting after the drive with more detailed and nicer pics. 🙂
For day 6 we all slept in, everyone was exhausted after 10 hrs on the road. We kept the day reserved for enjoying Santa fe. After we were all up and ready we walked to Tia sophia, a lunch spot I had researched and selected for the day. On the way there we walked through the town center where a bunch of local native Americans set up rows of blankets to sell the jewelry the made themselves, lots of beautiful turquoise pieces and hammered copper. We bumped into some nice local who said he also had a welshie.
We each ordered huevos rancheros and coffee. They didn’t have an outdoor area so we got it to go and ate it on the patio tables on the hotel porch. The weather was perfect, dry and warm, but not too hot, so it was a very enjoyable experience. Afterwards we dropped Sophie off in the room because it was time for us to explore some art galleries. Santa fe is littered with galleries so they were easy to find. We also picked up a chocolate treat from senior murphy’s.
We sampled some round chocolate that was amazing, a chocolate cup filled with pinot… Like pine nuts local to the area, and chocolate bark with pistacio and chile.., very tasty and leaves a spiced aftertaste in the back of your mouth
Later that night we took Sophie to the tuneup cafe. I was very excited to go there because I saw it on diners, drive ins and dives and looked really good. The place did not disappoint. We shared a guacamole and homemade chips appetizer and Ian got a cup of beef soup… Served in a real coffee cup. For the main meal we shared the chicken mole( amazing!) and topped with a fried banana, and some tamale plate, also very good. My favorite was the fruit cobbler dessert topped with vanilla bean ice cream. It was filled with peaches and cherries, yum!








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